I created the WORK in PROGRESS website to display my prints and other artwork to anybody who cares to look!

Recently I have been experimenting with combining traditional printmaking techniques such as etching, relief printing and screen printing with digital technology whist preserving the artisan character of my work.

I have been using an iPad and Apple pencil for original artwork creation with drawing packages such as ProtoSketch that enable the work to be saved as an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file. This technique enables a faithful transfer of the image to the chosen media of either vinyl for relief or resist covered metal plate for etching.

To transfer the image I use the open source Inkscape package to drive a pen (vinyl) drypoint needle (metal plate) in an AxiDraw X-Y plotter

For the relief prints, I use Japanese vinyl (as pictured above) rather than a traditional lino or soft-cut. I find the vinyl easier to work with and I like the results. My relief prints are usually printed with a water-based acrylic ink which is less harmful to the environment than oil-based products.

The work I have online is displayed in galleries reached by clicking the year in the menu on the top right hand side.

February 2018